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Monogram Hire

Our custom name monograms are the perfect way to put your stamp on a venue and make it your own, our custom name monograms can be personalised with your initials, names, your married name, the date of your function or what ever you like.

We have supplied monograms for birthday celebrations, engagements, weddings, corporate functions and product launches to name a few.

To view the design templates we have available please click on the monogram image to the right or we can also work with you to create a unique design.

Please allow a minimum of 10 days for your custom design to be made and printed.

When your event arises will send our team at Abracadabra Events to your venue or location to set up our trusses with our custom monogram machine to project your design in lights perfectly onto the dance floor, staircase, fabric backdrop , blank wall, above the main table, ceiling or many other positions to archive the best result.

Discounted pricing is available if more than one custom name monogram is required for the same event if the design is not changed. Multiple custom name monograms in varied designs is also effective and are charged as new templates.

Create the wow factor at your event and consider a custom name monogram..

Please click on the image below to download the full PDF document